Irrigation Services

“The heavens are yours the earth also is yours; the world and all it contains, you have founded them.”

-Psalm 89:11

“Los cielos son tuyos, la tierra también es tuya; el mundo y todo lo que contiene. lo has fundado”

Salmos 89:11


is a premier irrigation company servicing Norwalk, CT and the surrounding areas. Enjoy a dense, green grass, and beautiful landscaping while increasing the value of your home as well as saving water, and freeing up more personal time with the help of our professionally installed irrigation systems. Irrigation system in your yard will result in huge savings through conserving water, as your plants, trees, bushes, and lawn can be timed to receive the proper amounts of water. Set your systems to water your landscape in the overnight hours when more water can be absorbed into your landscape, rather than just evaporated into the air.

Effective irrigation systems are a crucial feature to your landscape. After installing your automatic sprinkler system your yard will become the envy of the neighborhood. A professionally installed sprinkler system is the smart and easy way to water your yard and save money, without lifting a finger. Offering full installation of custom irrigation systems and maintenance for existing systems, to ensure your yard continues to look beautiful all year long!


System Benefits

Save Time

Your system will do all the watering for you.

Save Water

An automatic irrigation system uses less water than watering by hand.

Save On Utilities

Lower your water bill, by using less water.

Rest Easy

The Smart Water name is your assurance of quality, value, and performance.

Our Services include


Irrigation Systems


Sprinkler Installation


Sprinkler Repairs


Custom Design


Service on Existing Systems


Backflow Inspection

Winterization of Irrigation Systems

Your irrigation system needs to be winterized to prevent water from freezing in the pipes and becoming an additional expense to repair the freeze damage. The process consists of having a technician come out to your home to blast water out of the sprinkler system. After winter, our technician will return to your home to properly turn the irrigation system back on.


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