“Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed, says the Lord, who has compassion on you.”
– Isaiah 54:10 NIV

“Aunque las montañas sean sacudidas y las colinas removidas, mi amor inquebrantable por ti no será sacudido ni mi pacto de paz será removido, dice el Señor, que tiene compasión de ti.”
– Isaías 54:10 NVI

BJA Bros Landscaping


We understand that your property is an investment, and we want our clients to know that we are here to help them fulfill their dreams and visions that they have for their property, and to maintain or increase its value. We are proud to offer a wide range of services for residential or commercial properties in one place, which is not very common today.



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Lawn Maintenance

Your lawn is a crucial aspect of your home, so it’s vital to keep it well taken care of. Achieving a thick, healthy and green lawn involves time, dedication, experience, knowledge and proper equipment, things that BJA Bros Landscaping knows too well.

Spring / Fall Clean Up

The seasons impact the health of your lawn. This is particularly true in Spring and Fall. These two seasons always bring excess debris and leaf litter. These materials can cause dead spots in your turf, impact soil chemistry, promote diseases with your trees and other plants. Read more on what we do during these seasons

Trimming / Pruning

Trimming promotes the health of a tree while giving it a pleasant shape. It also encourages foliage growth, especially in trees with little internal foliage. So if you’re looking to shape your trees in a specific way or simply want to promote your tree’s health, give us a call

Cleaning Services

BJA Bros Landscaping also offers Residential and Apartment cleaning (weekly or scheduled), One Time cleaning services, and Move in/Move out cleaning services. Call now 203-613-0123 and find out more!

Bush/Stump Removal

More often than not, stumps are left behind after removing a tree or after the tree fell on its own. As long as the stump is dead you shouldn’t not have any problem with it. The stump can rot away in months or sometimes

Shrub/Tree Removal or Planting

In some cases, it becomes very clear that your tree requires dismantling. In other cases, a proper inspection is done so it can be determined whether your tree requires to be removed or simply pruned. Here are some of


Everything from Patios, Walkways, Steps, Walls, Chimneys, and more.

Watch how we do it

Just as we can remove trees, we can also plant them.

Knowing what tree to plant and how/where to plant it can make all of the difference. Our certified personnel factors in local climate, soil conditions and short and long-term property goals.